Here’s a poem after yet another huge delay. I started working about a month ago, and I have found I no longer am left with time to write. At any rate, here’s a little one I’ve lined up for you guys (pun intended). As well, just want to give a shoutout to my grandfather on his 88th birthday- one of my biggest pushes to read (and write) comes from him and there is no better soul walking this Earth. Enjoy!

Sets– July 4, 2014

Sets an empty sky
Tip tip top through a decade
Only wonder
If ingrates gaze up
Know to suppose
Fifteen hours in
Deep drink


Brain Wrinkle

Here’s a poem from a night of peace, after two weeks of trying to find inspiration. I really hope you all enjoy and can forgive the absence.

Brain Wrinkle– Jun 11, 2014

The mirrors are movies
reflections to keep
Silence in the wick and wax
Why is this photograph surrounded
by its moments uncaptured
Still as a tiny flame, it must flicker
on the wind painted into eyes
All too well do they churn into
liquid memories


Claustrophobic with Eyes Closed

Here’s a poem to top off a week full of delays. Hopefully none of you had delays of your own!

Claustrophobic with Eyes Closed– May 29, 2014

Nothing is louder than
the chatter of my past
Waiting behind me
In line for the bus
Piling to
as close as a crotch to my shoulder
An attempted stifle
Claustrophobic with eyes closed
These forgotten souls
Teasing an insecurity
Without the slightest blink


Along the Trail

I’ve been on vacation for the past 5 days, so hopefully my absence wasn’t too noticeable! Here- have a poem about my Wednesday.

Along the Trail– May 23, 2014

Down to the Valley of Light
Fifteen past the One
Where the curve between two churches
points the way up

Trickle off the side of falls
Unentering and sturdy on the lamp
Police float on the night

Nothing to hide on
Alike the previous
Ghosts on the harbour mouths
Miscreants for the parent roads

Time to Fold

Sorry, folks, for such a long absence! It’s odd how tough it can be to get inspiration without seeing anything new. But here I am, ready to be on the move again.

Time to Fold– May 15, 2014

Unbalanced in your withered skin
It wrinkles on your face
Worn cloth on broad shoulders
But they slouch
Just as you’ve slouched
your whole life long
With a wife to fight
battles that aren’t hers
for some pills she’ll never take



Hush– May 2, 2014

Creak of silence misheard
rain broken branches
Silver grinding silver
where iron rot
asks stillness
Lest it bleed out in its sleep
perfectly between lines

Reasons Why (Felled Desk)

Here’s a short poem to express my humblest apologies about the gap in the past few days. The car broke and life got ahead of me. But it’s all solved now, and there’s even a poem to show for it! 😉 Enjoy

Felled Desk– May 6, 2014

Sit fearless
Room over room over room
Where the tables run
As one at a time

Writing desk fell
Quill-less into bleeding days